A Better Way. A Better Bag.

Heavy duty, plant-based, 100% home compostable trash and storage bags that break down in weeks, not centuries.


100% Compostable

Plant- Based

Heavy Duty

BPI Certified

Non Toxic

As Seen In


We’re on a mission to transform daily chores into meaningful experiences you can feel good about - one bag at a time.

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Sustainable Without Sacrifice

Our heavy duty bags are made with a unique mix of cornstarch, plant-based renewables and nontoxic materials, so you don't have to compromise convenience to care for the earth.

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Why We Created HoldOn Bags

We started HoldOn because we kept on saying to ourselves, “Hold on a second?!” There has to be a better way to toss out our trash. So we set to work developing plant-based, nontoxic bags that use far less fossil fuel in production and are 100% compostable. HoldOn bags are made with a unique blend of renewables that break down cleanly and nontoxic-ly in weeks, not centuries. 

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A better way, a better bag.

Did You Know?

100 Billion bags

Are used and thrown away in America each year. Bags that pile up in landfills, clog waterways, and entangle wildlife. Our bags are different.

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