Organize A Cleanup

Looking to get started in your own community? Coordinating a cleanup is easy - just follow these simple steps.


Pick a location

Choose somewhere special to you that needs a little love - your local playground, a hiking trail, a stretch of road or an empty lot. Spots in your own neighborhood are great places to start. You could also focus your efforts on a national park, beach, or landmark.


Assemble your team

Gather friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to work together for the cause, and encourage them to invite their social circle to expand your reach.


Spread the word

Use our email and social media templates to share in seconds. Reach out to local conservation and environmental groups who will be able to use their platform to spread the word and give you helpful tips.


Gather your supplies

You'll likely have everything you need on hand. If not, you'll be able to find cleanup must-haves at most grocery stores. Be sure to bring extras for last-minute volunteers.

Heavy Duty icon


  • Heavy-duty protective gloves
  • HoldOn compostable trash bags to collect garbage
  • Paper bags, boxes, or recycling trash bags for recyclable material
  • Trash pickers and grabbers, if desired
  • Clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty
  • A refillable water bottle to stay hydrated
Natural icon

    Bonus goods

  • Upbeat tunes and a Bluetooth speaker - with respect to wildlife and noise restrictions, of course. Search the HoldOn Spotify account for the perfect jams
  • Refreshments to keep the troops happy, hydrated, and far from hangry
  • Matching t-shirts - if you have a recurring cleanup, making t-shirts is a great way to build community and spread the word